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Red Oven Bakery is dedicated to making high-quality baked goods that anyone can enjoy, including those looking to live healthier lifestyles with our vegan options.

A healthier lifestyle is what inspired our founder, Brandyn-Ashley, to focus on Vegan-styled cupcakes. Brandyn-Ashley always had a sweet tooth, and began baking her own sweet treats at age 11. Her first recipes consisted of the typical ingredients used in baking – white flour, eggs, milk, and butter.

All that changed when she became pregnant with her first child. Her doctor informed her that, due to her pregnancy being high-risk, she would have to change her diet and eliminate certain foods, including dairy products.

Not wanting to give up her beloved baked goods, Brandyn-Ashley began finding ways to replace the dairy aspects of her cake recipes with other ingredients that were healthier, yet still allowed her desserts to come out tasting as sweet and delicious as before! Never one to stop experimenting, she now has and continues to add to her diverse collection of flavors that are ready to be shared with the world.

As friends and family began requesting more and more of her baked treats, the word started to spread and soon she had local churches, business offices, and people celebrating various events requesting her baked goods.

In 2009, Brandyn-Ashley decided it was finally time to open a bakery that would allow her to continue with her passion and reach more people – Red Oven Bakery was born.  Not wanting to compromise on taste or texture, Red Oven Bakery continues to use a home-style approach, insisting on making all baked goods from scratch while only using the finest-quality ingredients.

Whether you are a health-conscious consumer or a person who prefers to enjoy their treats made in a traditional fashion, we guarantee you’ll love our baked goods right from Red Oven Bakery!

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